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Artwork by Marc Rust

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High-School Dots

This is an intimate close up dot painting made of a small palette and tight resolution.

10 colors 20 years later.

I came across an old high-school photo my wife had given me to scan a few years back. I’ve always loved this photo and recently thought it would be perfect as a dot painting of mine. I started this without my wife’s knowledge as I knew it was going to look good but I needed to show her the piece well in progress. Luckily she loved it.  


“The urge for good design is the same as the urge to go on living.” —Harry Bertoia 

Nanda High-School

This is an excellent example of how different the finished dot painting can look. I think the feel is totally different. The warmth the original photo has seems to be striped. I wanted to show what the original looked like so the viewer can see that there really is a “journey” that the idea needs to go through before becoming an actual art project. In this instance, I tried to reduce the resolution as much as possible while maintaining the subject’s recognizability. The resolution for this one is 20 by 20 which is very low. After turning the image into black and white, I also reduced the amount of colors to 10. Looking back, I think I could have gone with 9 colors.




16″ by 16″


wood board, round paper stickers.

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